Martin Harley

Packaging, Print , Social Media, Website Design

Martin Harley

British singer-songwriter and slide guitarist Martin Harley is one of those rare breeds that seem to have it all: charisma, a beautiful voice, superb musicianship and memorable songwriting skills. Specialising in folk and blues he has developed a steady solo career with his fan base continuing to grow worldwide.

Working with Martin since 2012, and following the highly acclaimed 2015 ‘Live At Southern Ground’, we designed the 2017 follow-up ‘Static in the Wires’. Recorded in Nashville Tennessee over four days, Martin’s seventh album, and second with Bassist Daniel Kimbro, is deeply rooted in Blues and Americana.

This, along with their ‘less is more’ approach, resulted in simple minimal artwork, letting the illustrations by the amazing French comic book artist, Christophe Chabouté, do the talking. Paired with a typeface inspired by serifs from whiskey bottles and old packaging, the artwork is placed firmly into the American landscape.

The media campaign advertising the album and the subsequent UK tour meant that we were also asked to adapt the artwork for posters, flyers, print adverts, social media assets and a website refresh.